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A Series of OMGWTF!

New to this group ... I plan to be contributing a lot, though.  I've just now finished reading The Grim Grotto, and I have loads and loads to say.

1. First off ... OMGWTFKITSNICKET!!!!  Finally, we find out who K. is!!!!  And may I just say that she gives off an Aura of Cool that I can't even begin to describe ... and that's just in the half page we see her on.  Damn you, Snicket!  Now I must wait ANOTHER year to learn more about your badass sister!

2. Violet/Quigley ... GODFUCKINGAWWWWWWWWWW.  Even though we don't actually see Quig in this one, it's pretty obvious that they're so incredibly OTP.

3. Klaus/Fiona ... even though Fiona really pissed me off at the end there, she sorta-kinda made up for it with the kiss.  Sorta-kinda.  Except in that way she totally wrenched out Klaus's pre-pubescent heart and kicked it all over the floor of the Queequeg.

4. Who is the other J.S.?  Poe was obviously bullshitting, because Geraldine Jennings is not abbreviated as J.S., just as 'gorgeous' is not spelt with an M.

5.  Expanding on that.  I already know Poe is on the 'wrong' side of the schism -- the whole top hat thing in the Rare Edition, and his wife(?) working for the Punctilio -- but he's doing a far better job of all this than Olaf.  I'm seriously wondering if this greater evil that Widdershins was going on about is, in fact, Poe.  WHY was he at Briny Beach around the same time as the volunteers encounter the Huge Fuck-Off Question Mark.  I also can't ignore the subtext of Klaus loathing Edgar Allen Poe.  Are we going to find that Olaf is actually one of Poe's pawns?

6. Did I read this right?  Widdershins is the one who bad-mouthed Lemony to the Baudelaires(!!!!) and Beatrice and a few other V.F.D.ers?  Or at least showed the Punctilio article around?  The fact that he separates Beatrice from the Baudelaire parents goes against the reigning theory that Beatrice = Mrs. Baudelaire, or maybe that's just Lemony rambling again.  He's the king of the red herrings, after all.

Now, now really spoiler-y ... but it seems as though Olaf is getting more and more Jim Carrey-like in this book.  JKR admits that the movies influence her books after the fact, and I wonder if that's going on here.  I'm just not a Carrey fan, so I'm a little biased.
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