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Grim Grotto

At one point Lemony writes "it was very hard to do bla bla la when under water or, as the Baudelaires were soon to find out, in the air." And in the last picture, you see a zeppelin shape near the city. Possibly a self sustaining hot air balloon? Of course, the shape looks more like a zeppelin than a bunch of balloons, but it could symbolize a flying machine.

This is what I think of the letters at the end:

First letter: One of the villains will have extremely long fingers. Lousy Lane will be very important. Something must not be let anywhere near a match, but that's probably just keeping up with the fire pattern.

The second paragraph of the second letter is, I think, "instead of driving [to the cul-de-sac/Uncle Monty's house/the church/the horseradish factory] go to the field of daisies [and go what ever.] If you dig straight down [you will find someone's grave-remember the pictures at the end of the autobiography, with the captions 'Baudelaires not buried here'?]

Third letter: I must once again [write this letter.] Thirds times the charm [which here means 'send this letter to you] without anyone rip[pping it apart.] The alleyway behind [the anxious clown/some made up place has a garbage bin in it, which is] an excellent hiding place [for the manuscript of] the dreadful story [of the Baudelaires.] DO NOT USE the ete[rnal or etesian (which means 'recurring annually, used of summer winds that blow over the Mediterranean', keeping up with the flying pattern) thingybabob.]

Fourth Letter: the first paragraph metions 'continued treachery' and 'fourth times the charm.' (Hee) The second one is 'One of the curviest [snakes]...a cup of very bitten [snake venom].'

Fifth letter: Please accept yet another apology. This time I am certain the letter won't be ripped. [Something] is impossible to describe. The Galway Kennel is located [near where the Baudelaires will be in the next book.] Go to the dog that barks the longest and take the manuscript in his teeth.

Sixth letter: The last safe place is the [hotel denoument] and the [hopefully I will be able to tell the story of how the Baudelaires got the sugar bowl from the laundry room.] Her name, [which is very odd and means 'bla bla bla', is New Character.]

Anyway, what about Kit? What we basically know is that she's well read and has an aura of coolness.

As for Fiona...bleh. I was fine with her at first but despised her when she kissed Klaus.

Quigley/Violet...awww. ^_^

I think Mr. Poe is evil. He was ever so conveniantly there to keep them from going to Kit, and he's the one who gave them horrid gaurdians, including Count Olaf.

All in all, GREAT book. It was so suspensful when Sunny was sick!

Does anyone have any post-Grim Grotto fan fiction aside from

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