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I think this line's mostly filler...

Well, I have read The Grim Grotto, and so I figured a bit of a geek out post was required since we now have a shiny new community for it. :) Here are some things, in no particular order:

- I love the dedications, I really do. Aww.
- The water cycle thing was so emphasised, even more than the "you should read books about happy ponies!" thing, that I can't help feeling it's a hint in some way. What, I have no idea, but anything given that much book space can't be completely random and unimportant, surely?
- Yay, Kit! She seems cooooool, from what we've seen, but I must admit to thinking that Daniel Handler is a sadistic bastard to end it THERE. Damn!
- Why is Lemony going into a room full of sand and looking for a testube? That too must surely end up being important somehow... plus that Madam diLustro hint, which is probably nothing but is driving me nuts anyway.
- Apparently Lemony owns marmosets. Or did. Awww. (Unless that's a hint too... oh dear, these books are frying my brain.)
- Why would the Baudelaires need to know about Visitable Fungal Ditches? Do we think that chapter was nothing about mushrooms at all?
- Violet found a Rosetta stone! Cool!
- What on earth is going on with all that random stuff in the sand, though? Why would a wine glass, especially a posh one, have holes drilled in? Why a butter dish, toothpicks, a handpuppet? It's all so confusing. Though I think the ring is a wedding/engagement ring, possibly Lemony's (he and Beatrice were engaged, weren't they?).
- Carmelita's song, as everyone and their aunt has already said, must be important. With all the codey stuff, having M stand for gorgeous is too much to be overlooked. But then what would M stand for? And while I like that the lines between good and bad are getting blurred, I find Carmelita as annoying as the Baudelaires do, so I hope that if she is secrety good then she's also secretly not as annoying.
- I'm getting more and more convinced that Mr. Poe might be behind the Big Fuck-off Question Mark (which clearly can't be a monster of the deep cause otherwise it wouldn't be mentioned so much/be showing up on the radar). He's a baddie, we know that, but what the hell the J.S = Geraldine thing is about, then, I have no idea. That message couldn't be real, could it? Somehow? Is J.S - Justice Strauss, Jerome Squalor? - a baddie too?
- Apparently Beatrice ain't Mrs Baudelaire. I don't think Lemony would be quite so emphatically delineating them as different people if that were a red herring. *mourns pet theory*

Thoughts? Theories? *geeks out*
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