Lilac (lilac_bearry) wrote in dear_dairy,

Did you guys catch this?

page 100

"Nobody would write a message to Jacques," Captain Widdershins said. "Aye! Jacques is dead!"

"Etartsigam!" Sunny said, and her siblings quickly explained that she meant, "The initials were J.S."

"It must be some other J.S.," Fiona said.

IIRC, there was a clue that the website gave on words you had to find in the last book, that said something about shared initials (Anyone else remember that? I read about it on the net somewhere, but of course, I can't find it now....). Who else has the same initials as J.S.? Justice Strauss.

Check out Sunny's word again...etartsigam is Magistrate backwards.

So, yeah, all of you probably caught that already. Even so, I figured that out by myself, so I'm chuffed. :D

Oh, and I pegged Fiona with Klaus as soon as she was mentioned.

ETA: Okay, you guys caught that. I didn't read your comments before hand. *sheepish grin*
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