Karrie Veronica <3 (myst56) wrote in dear_dairy,
Karrie Veronica <3

hey everyone i just joined =) dear dairy...woo i love the comm name =)

anyway, i didn't post for no reason, lol, i wanted to comment on something i read in the earlier posts about the whole "J.S." thing and how the message was directed to "J.S."

I never considered Justice Strauss to be a possible candidate, because there's someone else with the initials J.S. Who?

Jerome Squalor

Remember how in LSUA, Lemony was trying to contact Jerome but he didn't reach him in time to stop marrying Esme? They obviously knew about each other and thus Jerome should've known about VFD. Of course, he seems very clueless about everything as well but then so does Justice Strauss, no? She was the one that almost fully wed Olaf and Violet together.

Hm, just a little contribution from my head, Enjoy =)

<3 Karrie
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