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First time poster here...

I just found this tidbit out:

In The Hostile Hospital, check the names of the patient list that Klaus and Sunny read in order to find out which room Violet was in. In my copy, it's on pages 157-158.

We all know that Laura V. Bleediotie was really an anagram of Violet Baudelaire. But did you know that almost all of the names on this list are anagrams?

Lisa N. Lootnday - Alison Donalty (The cover designer, her name is located on
the back cover.)
Albert E. Deviloeia - ?
Linda Rhaldeen - Daniel Handler (Lemony Snicket's Real Name)
Ada O. Ubervillet - Vlt Baudelaire? (Violet without vowels)
Ed Valiantbrue - Vnt Baudelaire? (Unknown)
Laura V. Bleedoite - Violet Baudelaire (Obviously)
Monty Kensicle - Lemony Snicket
Ned H. Rirger - Red Herring
Eriq Bluthetts - Bret Helquist
Ruth Dercroump - Torch Up Murder
Al Brisnow - Lisa Brown (Cover Artist)
Carrie E Abelbudite - Beatrice Baudelaire

I never noticed this before so I just thought I'd let everyone in on it, too. :)

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