Lindsay Eloise (linaeloisetook) wrote in dear_dairy,
Lindsay Eloise

Lemony Snicket/ASoUE graphic.

I am anxiously awaiting the final book, and while I would prefer not to remind you all of this terrible upcoming event, as devoted friends and colleagues of Mr. Snicket we must bear his burden alongside him. I have found that grieving, meanwhile, has made me rather productive in Photoshop, and this is the woeful fruit of that labour.

Though I cannot imagine you why you would want to be reminded of the Baudelaire's misfortune and the many sordid mysteries surrounding V.F.D., I know that some of you will insist upon investigating every possible clue, and keeping said clues within easy access of your personal computers. This dreadful wallpaper serves the above function as well as reducing you to tears every time you check your electronic mail. If you should happen to use this graphic anywhere else, God forbid, please blame me somewhere the world can see it.

The wallpaper above contains what many would consider spoilers, for those who have not finished up to the ninth cheerless installment of the Baudelaire's biography.

My apologies,

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