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I didn't realise this was a sad occasion.

Hello :) I'm not great at introductory posts, but I adore everything about the SoUE books (well, of course) and have devoted many happy hours curled up giggling and squealing softly over how packed with literary and historical illusion they are - there really isn't enough fun child/YA fiction which rewards close attention around, man. I'm also gutted that we in the UK have to wait almost two weeks extra to get our hands on The Grim Grotto, for some reason.

Anyway, I wanted to post a snippet which had been nagging away at me for ages, in the hope that the little pool of fellow members could join in the theorising and hopefully not be plunged too deeply into misery and woe.

[about half-way through]

"That's a very sad story," Larry said, and everyone turned to see that their waiter was still standing over them. "I didn't realise this was a sad occasion."

...and of course this is one of the VFD codes, and (I haven't reread the series properly for ages but) I don't think this is ever followed up in the later books, at least not as far as I can remember. It's driving me crazy trying to work out who could have been tailing the Baudelaires and why if not to help them. Or if it's just a well-laid red herring. Thoughts, anyone?

PS - This community really does have the best username and icon ever. Just had to say.
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